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12 days - Based on the graphic novel by June Kim

Lost In Translation meets Brokeback Mountain

When her best friend dies in a honeymoon car accident, Jackie decides the best way to honor her former lover is to is to drink her ashes in the next 12 days.


“Noah died in a car accident on the way back from her honeymoon. That was a month ago…” - Jackie

What is the best way to honor a loved one who has died before their time? How does one ever get over such a loss? Everyone mourns differently, but would you ever think of drinking their ashes?

JACKIE has lost the love of her life, a woman named NOAH, twice. The first time happens when Noah follows her father's wishes to marry a man. While Jackie is still trying to process the separation, she hears that Noah was killed in a freak car accident on her honeymoon.

In mourning, Jackie decides that the best and quickest way to get over the love of her life is to hold a personal ritual with Noah's ashes. Jackie decides to drink the ashes in the form of smoothies over the course of 12 days - hoping the pain will subside with each sip.

So Jackie has Noah’s brother, NICK, steal her ashes from her parents house.


With the help of Nick, Jackie is going to cleanse the memory of the departed from her system. She will do so by consuming Noah's ashes mixed into smoothies.


Based on the Tokyopop graphic novel, 12 days tells the story of Jackie and Noah’s failed relationship.


Over the course of the 12 days, Jackie relives her time with Noah as her camaraderie with Nick develops. Bonded by his adolescent crush on Jackie, Nick makes extraordinary efforts to console her. He is the only one that truly understood how much Noah cared for Jackie. Nick was the only person who Noah chose to burden with that secret. Nick has carried that secret and uses it to help Jackie through this difficult time for them both.

"Ever try milk? It’s a much better way to get your calcium." - Nick

Nick watches her take another sip
"Mmmmm… definitely her toes." – Jackie
Nick shakes his head as he disappears behind the refrigerator door.
"I can save you some if you want..." – Jackie